Buying A Home

Buying A Home in Vermont?

Buying a Home in Vermont

Buying a Home

Superior Buyer’s Services:

Buying a home is not, in our view, a transaction business, but rather a people business. It is about you and you achieving your goal. “Our goal is your goal” Finally, you become our customers (many times even friends) for life. Once the closing is over, we do not forget you. We are always available to provide advice and assistance after the sale. If we are fortunate, you will even invite us to visit and see your new home once you are settled.

Agency Disclosure-Designated Agency

A Buyer’s Agent acts solely on behalf of the Buyer. A Buyer’s Agent has fiduciary duties to the buyer which include reasonable care, undivided loyalty, confidentiality, and full disclosure. However, in dealing with a Seller, a Buyer’s agent must act honestly and may not give false information concerning the financial qualifications of the Buyer. With Designated Agency other agents in our firm may represent clients in the transaction through an Exclusive Service Agreement.  More consumers will benefit from representation by the agent of their choice in a real estate transaction.

If you decide to have a real estate agent represent you in the purchase of a property, you must enter into a written agreement with the real estate brokerage firm. Without such an agreement, the real estate agent is not your agent and does not represent you in the transaction.   That agent represents the seller or the Listing Agency as a Broker’s Agent.  The written agreement between you and your real estate agent will identify the services provided, as well as how, when and by whom the Agent’s fee will be paid. A real estate agent does not automatically or necessarily represent the person who pays the agent’s fee.


  • Before buying a home an initial consultation to assess your needs will take about 1-1/2 hours. During this time we will thoroughly evaluate your wants and needs and discuss the home buying process.
  • We will supply a wide-ranging list of real estate services & professionals necessary for the home buying process including home inspectors, lenders, insurance providers and more.
  • We will schedule showings of homes that fit your criteria. A web-based, state of the art MLS data search software will allow us to constantly monitor all properties fitting your criteria.
  • We can provide you with new listings meeting your specific criteria via email. The Gray Group will always be available to show you new listings as they become available.

Writing & Acceptance of Your Offer

Once you have chosen a home that you would like to purchase, we will discuss all options to determine the best strategy for structuring an offer.
As your agents, we will negotiate on your behalf and represent your interests, not the Seller’s.

After Acceptance of your Offer

We will schedule and be present at your inspection.
We will monitor all contractual terms and deadlines.